At Supreme T-shirts and Apparel, we provide our customers with the tools they need to design and order their own T-shirt online using our Create a T-shirt feature. Our customizable T-shirts and apparel can be used as team shirts, jerseys, holiday wear, unique gifts, and more.

Our Design Templates

Some of our customers don’t know where to start when it comes to designing their own shirt from scratch. In order to give them an idea, we offer a wide selection of design templates to allow our customers to customize their own shirts and apparel while still using our professional designs. We have hundreds of design templates available for our customers to choose from. To make things easier for you during the process of creating a shirt, we have separated our design templates into several different easily accessible categories; these categories include holidays, mascots, religious, military, events, sports, and more. That way, our customers can quickly and easily find the design they want without having to search through countless templates. After choosing a design template, you can customize that template in order to transform it into exactly what you want. You can change the text font, colors, and spacing, alter the size of graphics, and delete graphics or text entirely. By the end of the design process, the original design template used on a shirt is sometimes completely unrecognizable and instead reflects the unique preferences and artistic tastes of each of our customers.

More Customization

After selecting the design template you want, you can customize other aspects of your shirt to make it more uniquely yours. You can choose which of our products you would like your design template to be printed onto, including menswear, womenswear, unisex T-shirts, polo shirts, long-sleeved tees, tanktops, sweatshirts, and more. Because we have so many products, we have separated them into categories on our Create a T-shirt page so our customers can find exactly what they are looking for more easily. Once you have selected your preferred product, you can choose which color and size you would like your product to be before ordering.

Design Without a Design Template

If you are confident in your own designing abilities and do not want to use a design template, there is no need. On our Create a T-shirt page, you can upload your own artwork and images or add your own text to design a shirt that is entirely yours. If you do want to add a professional graphic, you can select a design from our wide selection of clip art and add it to the design you’ve already created.

Whether you’re using a design template or have created your design all on your own, once you’re satisfied with your shirt, you can request an instant free quote to see how much money your creation will cost. If you’re happy with the price, you can easily check out online. If you have questions about our T-shirt design process or need help designing a shirt, please email or call us today; we will be happy to address your concerns.