At Supreme T-shirts and Apparel, we offer a wide selection of cancer-themed T-shirts to celebrate the strength and perseverance of individuals who have suffered from cancer or are currently undergoing cancer treatment. Our T-shirts allow our customers who have suffered from cancer to proudly display their own experiences and successes and those who have friends and family who have been through cancer to show their support.


Breast Cancer Shirts

Many of our cancer T-shirts and apparel focus on the struggle of breast cancer and celebrating, supporting, and connecting women who have been through it or are currently trying to beat it. Our main line of breast cancer apparel is our selection of dark brown apparel emblazoned with the logo “Fight Like a Girl,” which is available as a T-shirt, long-sleeve tee, sweatshirt, or hooded sweatshirt. Another popular breast cancer design is our white T-shirt which shows either a pink or teal breast cancer ribbon with the quote, “It Weakened my Body but Strengthened my Spirit”.


Cancer Sux T-shirtShirts For Any Cancer

We also offer cancer T-shirts that can be worn to support those struggling from any type of cancer. One of our most popular cancer shirts is our black T-shirt with the slogan, “Cancer Sux”. Another popular design is our T-shirt emblazoned with the quote, “If you Think Winning Isn’t Everything, You Have Never Beat Cancer,” available in both green and red.

The Cancer Shirts Project

Cancer T-shirt - Toadally Cancer FreeAll of our cancer shirts are part of the Cancer Shirts Project. This project was founded by Paulette, a designer at Supreme T-shirts and Apparel who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. Her goal is to share her story through her T-shirt designs and provide others with the opportunity to celebrate and support individuals who have suffered from cancer. She wants her T-shirt designs to connect individuals suffering from cancer and make them realize that they are not alone and should not be afraid to share their story and ask for help and support from their friends and family. Paulette’s designs are very personal; each one has a special meaning that pertains to her life and her struggle with cancer. Her “Toadally Cancer Free,” design, for example, came into her head when she left a successful follow-up appointment soon after her last chemotherapy treatment and saw a toad hopping around in the parking lot outside her oncologist’s office. Designing and screen printing her cancer T-shirt designs helped Paulette process the emotional stress she was under while undergoing breast cancer treatment. Today, as a cancer-free survivor, Paulette wishes to help others suffering from the disease and make their struggle a little bit easier by sharing her story through her designs, one T-shirt at a time.

If you are interested in showing your support for cancer sufferers and survivors, you can purchase one of our pre-designed cancer T-shirts or apparel items. If you have any questions about our cancer shirts or the Cancer Shirts Project, please email or call us using the information on this website.