I started screen printing in the basement of my house in 1978. It didn’t take long for people to hear about it and ask me to design and print shirts for them. I have always liked art and being creative, so this business was a natural for me. How times have changed! We used to have to hand draw everything, and had to hand cut the stencil for the screen. It kept the detail you could do to a minimum. Now we use computers for most of the graphics, although we are a shop that can still do freehand illustration as necessary. Screens are made with photo emulsion enabling us to reproduce even the finest of detail with a high level of accuracy. I am actually selling printed shirts now for about the same price I did in the early 80’s because the labor involved is so much less.

Screen Printing - T-ShirtOur shop features state of the art equipment from the art department to the production area. We have a six color, automatic press. We also have a six-color manual press and a four color cap printer, which are used for smaller orders and custom logo placement. Email, of course, is available for sending orders and artwork files. Of all of the advancements in this field, this one probably saves us the most time.

Our specialty is attention to detail. Every shop has access to the same shirts, inks, supplies and equipment. What we excel in is service. I want every shirt that leaves this shop to be perfect. Just ask my employees… they’ll tell you how picky I am. Send us an email or give us a call, we would love to quote your next project.